About UT Collections

Persuasiveness………….  Persistence………….  Professionalism………….

Very often, the most efficient and cost effective way to perform certain business functions are to outsource them, example few business give a second thought to outsourcing cleaning and printing. Nowadays, more businesses are choosing to outsource their debt collection and receivables management process too.


When it comes to choosing a debt collection expert as your partner, just call on UT Collections Ltd. We will collect it!


We are a performance-driven, full-service Debt Recovery Company with years of history that combines certified collection professionals with powerful debt collection technology to deliver the collection results that our clients can depend on. Leading businesses around Ghana use our debt collection expertise and business process services on an ongoing basis because of our exceptional debt handling expertise and unmatched client service. UT Collections was named

  1. 15th  Best Company In Ghana Club 100 ( 2011)
  2. 2nd Fastest Growing Company
  3. 2nd  Most Profitable Company


Debt Collections is always made easy with UT Collections Ltd, we take away the stress and expenses associated with debt collecting. We have got the experience and technique in place to carry out your debt recovery, leaving you to focus on the other areas of your business.


As leaders in the industry we understand the most http://premier-pharmacy.com/product-category/erectile-dysfunction/ effective methods of efficient debt recovery for our clients, we have separate collection teams devoted to Commercial and Consumer debt recovery. These specialized teams are comprised of hand-picked collection professionals whose experience, training and collection track record best suits them for their assigned unit.


Collecting overdue debt is our lifeblood, but it is no longer enough for a debt collections ltd to simply collect the money that is due you. We must act with responsibility and professionalism that protects your reputation, educate your customers to respect your credit terms, and make your customers aware that protracted default will harm their credit rating, therefore in addition to collecting your money, you should also expect:

  • National coverage
  • Complete transparency of progress
  • Minimal need for legal recovery
  • Charges based on the principle that no collection means no fee


In addition to the effective recovery guaranteed by our operations, our certified collection teams interact with the debtor in a skillful and professional manner—to preserve the goodwill the client established with their customer, paving the way for a resumed relationship.


With our Image and your account to protect, all of our actions are prompt and conclusive and since we only get paid on results,